After more than three years, fyd2 has finally reached 1000 followers! To thank you for all your support, we’re celebrating with a giveaway!!

First Prize:

One D2 DVD! Choose from basically anything shown in the above picture, which includes:

  • The First Message 1~4
  • TV Kyokuchuu Hatto 1~8
  • Kyokuchuu Ongakukan Live (Limited or Standard Edition)
  • D-Stage 13th TRUMP (Truth or Reverse version)
  • Haru Doko 2011 or 2012
  • Pole Dancing Boys (Limited, Standard, or Navigate DVD)
  • D2 Meshitomo! Tokyo, Osaka, or Bokura no Ryouri (not pictured)
  • D-Live 2014 (not pictured)

One D2 photobook! Choose from:

  • Pole Dancing Boys Official PB
  • D2 First ~Always~
  • Yamada Yuuki’s
  • Mitsuya Ryou’s
  • Ikeoka Ryousuke’s
  • Omi Youichirou’s
  • Shison Jun’s (Release date: 8/20)

Three August 2014 D2 bromide sets of your choice!

Second Prize:

One D2 photobook (see above list)

Two D2 bromide sets!

Third prize:

One bromide set!


  1. Must be following fuckyeahd2boys
  2. Reblogging or liking this post counts as one entry, for a maximum of two entries per person. Please, no sideblogs or giveaway blogs.
  3. Prizes can be shipped anywhere in the world, and will be sent from Japan. Be sure you are okay with giving me your address and that you ask parental permission if necessary.
  4. Be sure to have your ask box open, but I will also be posting a list of the winners here because tumblr is so bad at asks. :D
  5. Winners will be chosen via random number generator.
  6. The giveaway will end Sunday August 17th at 23:59 JST.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions and good luck!

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I think I just shitted myself.

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Your Majestyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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this never gets old

I met the creator of this a month ago and he said he got a lot of hate mail from dudebros who thought that he was a woman complaining about these problems.

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i keep saying please watch kamen rider or super sentai, but actually don’t… before you knew it, you’d be in too deep and there is only despair waiting and your life is ruined by kids shows _(:’D)7

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"Our Captain… Is unbelievably soft on people."

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 the biggest mystery of gaim is how part-time waiter kouta can afford all those doarat clothes while rich boy micchy only owns three sweaters.

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